Personal & Professional Coaching

Dave Hale, CEO, DHA inc.

  • Recognize and overcome limiting beliefs and habits that may be sabotaging your efforts.

  • Communicate more authentically and powerfully with your self and others.

  • Make choices with renewed confidence and create outcomes you desire.

  • Reclaim your passion and purpose and align that with your business or organization.

  • Have a no holding back cheer-leader and accountability coach for goals and commitments you set.

Assess and Build Skills

Raise Self Awareness

Design Your Action Plan

Be Accountable to Your Goals

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needs/ assessment appointment
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When Coaching with me use all of your intelligences to achieve what you want!

You’ll access and use your
IQ (Cognitive)  EQ (Emotional) and BQ tm (Physical)


Steve has coached executives at Cisco, Google, Agilent, Pay Pal, Kaiser Permanente, Fireman’s Fund, Doubletree Inns, Deloitte, L’ Auberge, DHA, Vistage and Smart Meetings Magazine, plus many best selling authors, Grammy and Oscar Winners,  and an MLB General Manager and President

Steve Coaches From His Own Successes

#1 of 500 in sales with a Fortune 500 corp.

National accounts sales trainer and manager

Owner/ Director of a successful
ad/branding firm

Best selling published author

Popular media guest and speaker

B.S. in Business and M.A in communications

 Certified body centered therapist

“The many sessions we did with Steve were the watershed turning points of our life”

Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks, Best Selling Authors


Whole Body Intelligence Coaching Helped:

Bring out the mojo and executive presence of business executives for stage, meetings and the media.

A rock star bust through writer’s block to produce a new album and sing on the Oscar’s the following year.

MLB G.M.manage his stress to make winning world series championship decisions.

Several best selling authors becoming aware of beliefs they held in their bodies and rise to national prominence when they changed them.

“”I’ve worked with many excellent coaches but Steve’s approach really represents the next wave of coaching for Executives in today’s world. He addresses all aspects of effectiveness, mental, physical and emotional; and I hear nothing but great results about his coaching from several Executives, His keynote also inspired, educated and gave my group new strategies they use daily.”

Christine Landon,
Director, Learning & Organization Development
E Bay/Pay Pal

Five Results Oriented, Game Changing Coaching Programs:


Personal Coaching Programs start at 12

weeks, which includes:

  • Assessment of what you want and where you stand now

  • 12 one-hour phone sessions

  • Weekly assignments

  • UNLIMITED email communications.

  • Accountability for achieving the goals you set.

“I found the missing link (my body’s intelligence) that I was looking for in my life, in personal coaching sessions with Steve Sisgold. I wholeheartedly recommend him.”–Author, Margot Anand


Personal Live 2 Day Intensives

Sometimes its advantageous to clear the calendar and fully focus on what you want to shift rapidly in your life.

A personal intensive with me includes assessments, body centered therapy practices, life coaching, designing strategies and communication skill building,

In a private intensive in Marin County CA. or a mutually agreed upon location, you will have the focused time to go deep into whatever issue or aspect of your life/business needs changing, boosting or more clarity. Many individuals and couples have renewed their relationship, enhanced their career, moved through pain, grief or challenges they were grappling with, or completed a project, book proposal, video product and more in a personal intensive with me.

For those of you who want help in an intensive to vision, and produce a product, with branding, packaging and production, I use a state of the art audio/video facility near my office/home.

Your intensive will be a full on experience intended to send you home rejuvenated, clear and inspired with a new game plan.

“Intensives with Steve helped me stay on track of my dreams, and  resulted in me reaching my professional and personal goals.” Physician, Ram Parikh.

“In a weekend with Steve I found him to be one of the greatest facilitators of change I know. He will take you where you want to go”.Recording Artist Kenny Loggins.


Individual and Company Executive Coaching

 When coaching you I will help you or your team:

  • Get a fresh perspective on your purpose, role and values in your work.

  • Clarify your vision and gain support from others to implement your goals

  • Understand and communicate your needs effectively

  • Be a strong role model for those around you.

  • Improve your overall resilience and effectiveness.

  • Design and implement strategies for problem solving, decision making, and conflict resolution.

Executive programs are custom designed to meet your specific needs and preferences and can include a package of individual and group in- house, phone, or Skype sessions, plus:

  • Weekly assignments

  • UNLIMITED email communications.

  • Accountability systems for achieving the company goals and commitments.

“Steve Sisgold is the real deal. If it weren’t for his coaching, my company would not be what it is today. He has an ability to make the truth come out and the fear dissipate. He is my mentor and the guy I go to for personal and executive coaching.

Owner of Delta Corp and President of the Chicago Speakers Association, Dr. Alok Trivedi


6 Month Mentorship Program With Steve

For Six Months You Will Have:

  • Your private mentor and no holding back cheer-leader and accountability coach for every goal and commitment you set.

  • Advice and help in executing and producing results for yourself/business/products.

  • A Full LIVE Day Of Diving Deep, Creating and Planning in S.F.

  • Twelve 60 minute phone appointments over the next 6 months.

  • Personal unlimited email access to Steve

For more information visit the Mentor Program Page


Train To Be A Coach

Build a “Whole Body Intelligence tm” Coaching Career

Steve offers One on One trainings in the S.F area, plus phone follow up.
You receive:

  • 2 Full days of experiential One on One training. Learning privately vs. with a large group for personal healing and time to focus on the specific brand direction you want to take your business in.

  • 12 Follow up one hour sessions, phone live or Skype.

  • Permission to use his graphically rich Power Point Presentation and script so you can easily lead workshops or give lectures.

  • Handouts to use for client sessions and group presentations

  • Training manual with written facilitation protocols for private (Live or phone or Skype) sessions, tele-seminars, speeches, workshops and in house trainings

  • Marketing materials and a promotion plan (Marketing and Sales is my background) including how to get publicity, work the social media and write and post blogs etc.. No licensing fees for use of the Powerpoint and handouts.

  • Referrals from announcing your practice in Steve’s e mail blasts.

  • A certificate for completing the Whole Body Intelligence Coaching Training



Email or call Steve to

schedule a complimentary 15 minute

needs/ assessment appointment.