FIVE Key Areas Custom Designed For You:

Keynote Speaking & Executive Training

Bring Your Best Self To The Conference

A great interactive kick off to any event to break the ice, ignite purpose, clarify goals, practice body language tips and communication tools.

Staying Resilient and On Purpose…. No Matter What

This presentation teaches how to catch and change unconscious destructive habits and beliefs that create stress and sabotage performance. Your team will learn hands-on energy boosting and work/life balance techniques to prevent burn out and produce more innovation and creativity.

Leadership 2.0: Inspiring Your Team Through Authenticity and Self Awareness

This presentation shows managers how to model and promote an EQ/BQ culture where everyone values themselves, each other, the company and the customers with a commitment to higher standards and doing things better.

Awakening the Spark

Whether your organization needs to increase sales, enhance problem-solving, get back on track or improve customer service, this warm and personable presentation offers a lift through motivational stories showing how set backs can be setups for renewed energy and unlimited success.

Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Performance

This transformational presentation helps participants understand beliefs and how to “get a grip” on them as they can wreck havoc on a person, family or team’s dynamic. Since beliefs are literally the lens through which you view the world and yourself. Steve teaches how to examine how your beliefs shape your perception and direct your actions at a subliminal or subconscious level. This talk has helped teams and organizations discover and change group beliefs that undermine team morale and success as well.

PDF – Steve’s Brochure

A Whole Body Intelligent Workplace is a productive,
thriving environment, where your entire team brings their whole self to work.

Whole Body Intelligent teams know how to access
and weave their own IQ, EQ, and BQ tm genius to:

Stay engaged, resilient and on purpose….no matter what!

Prevent burn out, “reboot” and create work/life harmony.

Enhance their job performance and decision making power!

Strengthen their authentic communications, to confidently ask for and achieve the results they want.


You and your team will come away with a completely new perspective and greater commitment to stay self aware as Steve:

Delivers “out of the box“ Body Intelligence tests and evaluations.

Demonstrates practical awareness techniques with take home handouts.

Reveals scientific information, breakthrough insights and humorous, moving stories to inspire your team to take action steps, right in the session!

Teaches how to ignite purpose and value within to align passionately with the vision, mission and strategies of the organization.

Steve’s depth of stories and versatility makes him a popular choice for a speaker/singer at New Thought services and conferences.
Here’s a video from those venues.

Inspirational Events